Community Hebrew School of Bergen County FAQs

Who are my child’s teachers?

Our teaching staff is a diverse group of professional educators. All of our teachers are passionate, caring and dedicated role models and work to create inspired, engaging and fun experiences for our students.


Is there homework at CHSBC?

Once the children have learned the Alef-Bet they are encouraged to practice their Hebrew reading at home.  Occasional research assignments may be given as well.


Do I have to be a member for my child to enroll in CHSBC?

Not initially, although we do expect that our Hebrew school families become members of either the FLJC/CBI or the JCCP/CBT by the time their children are in 3rd grade (Gimmel). If there are special circumstances and you are affiliated with another synagogue, please discuss with Marcia Kagedan


Can my child sit in on a class before he/she enrolls?

Yes. Please call Marcia Kagedan at 201-815-8136 to make arrangements.


Do I need to know how to read Hebrew for my child to be a student at CHSBC?

A parent’s knowledge of Hebrew has no bearing on their child’s success. Our children learn Hebrew through reading skill exercises and prayer. We invite you to listen and join along as you wish. More important than your ability to read or translate Hebrew is your show of support and encouragement.


What if my child is involved in sports or other extra-curricular activities?

The most powerful thing our kids can learn is how to balance being a Jewish person with other valuable interests and pursuits. Coming to CHSBC shouldn’t be a forced choice. It’s an important component of the full life of a child, which may also include sports, dance classes, music lessons, or other after-school activities. Accommodations can be made as necessary. Please call Marcia Kagedan if you have any special concerns at 201-815-8136.


What if my child learns differently?

We focus on inclusive learning environments where each child’s learning style is assessed and engaged. We work with each family to create the most effective learning environment for their child and then work with the student to ensure success.


Is attending CHSBC required if I want my child to have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah at either JCCP/CBT or CBS/FLJC?

Students must be enrolled either in CHSBC or a full time Jewish Day School in order to receive religious instruction toward their Bar or Bat Mitzvah at either CBS/FLJC or JCCP/CBT. To celebrate a Bar/Bat mitzvah at these synagogues a family must be a member of the synagogue too. For further details, consult either Rabbi Weiner at the JCCP/CBT or Rabbi Salston at CBS/FLJC.


What are the class names?

Gan – Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten
Alef – First Grade
Bet – Second Grade
Gimmel Third Grade
Daled Fourth Grade
Hey– Fifth Grade
Vav Sixth Grade
Zayin Seventh Grade

What are the school hours?

Gan (Pre-K and K), Alef (1st)
Sundays   9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Bet (2nd), Gimmel (3rd), Daled (4th), Hey (5th), Vav (6th), Zayin (7th)
Sundays   9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and
Tuesdays 4 – 6 p.m.


What are the arrival and dismissal procedures?


In both locations, students enter the school through the main doors of the synagogue.


In order to safely and efficiently dismiss the students, we ask parents to PLEASE adhere to the following guidelines:


Supervised carpool dismissal will be through the main doors of the synagogue.

To utilize the supervised carpool dismissal, drivers have two choices:

  1. Enter the synagogue grounds, forming a single line along the driveway. The children will be dismissed by the faculty directly to the car when the car is adjacent to the school door.
  2. Cars may enter the main parking lot and PARK. The driver must then walk to the main doors of the school and a faculty member will dismiss the children to the parent. For your child’s safety, NO CHILD will be allowed to go into any parking lot without an adult.

If someone other than the regularly assigned adult is going to be picking up your children or carpool, please make sure they are listed on the registration form as a person authorized to pick up your child, and that they are aware of our dismissal procedures. They may be asked to show identification.

NO CHILD WILL BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE BUILDING WITHOUT AN ADULT. Please do not ask your child to come out to your car unsupervised.

We thank you for your cooperation!

Can my child bring a friend to school?

If you want to bring a friend to Hebrew School, please contact Marcia Kagedan at 201-815-8136 ahead of time so the teacher may be informed in a timely manner.  Parents are also invited to visit the classroom. Out of consideration for the academic program, please contact Marcia Kagedan in advance. As long as social distancing is a priority, these visits may not be possible.

What do I need to bring to school?

A positive attitude and readiness to learn!

Caring for others is an important aspect of Judaism. One way in which we show that we are concerned about others is giving tzedakahTzedakah in the form of small change is collected each class day.

JCCP/CBT and FLJC/CBI strive to maintain a nut-free environment. Please do not bring any food into the facility which contains peanuts or tree nuts. All food must also meet the kashrut standards.

We also encourage everybody to bring something intangible: Menschlichkeit.

Make good choices over bad
Extend respect to everyone
Never speak badly about anyone
See what should be done, and do it
Consider the ideas and feelings of others
Have a heart and good humor for all